Martin, an extreme sports enthusiast who has been living in San Francisco, decided to return to Uruguay with his family without using fossil fuels. He recruited two of his life-long friends, Oliver and Maria (Tuti), to partake in this adventure while raising awareness of climate change. Martin and Oliver met through their love of extreme sports, and Tuti and Oliver connected by working together in photography and video production.

Together with Martin’s wife and newborn son, the team is crossing the Americas in an electric car, driving 20,000 miles in six months and through twelve countries. They will work with local governments, organizations, and schools to engage people in the climate change discussion and promote sustainability initiatives. They will also incorporate their passion for extreme sports to encourage people to reconnect with nature.

The team wants to show the world that it is possible, today, to travel without using fossil fuels by creating and sharing engaging audiovisual content. The trip will highlight what is already being done about climate change in the Americas and which areas need more support for sustainable change. Embarking on this journey will not only spread the message about climate change, but will unite the Americas in envisioning a sustainable, carbon-neutral future.